How to Dress for Oktoberfest 2018 – an Essential Guide

The history of Oktoberfest may stem back more than 200 years – it was the wedding of Crown Prince, later King, Ludwig I that saw citizens of Munich indulge in month-long festivities and celebrations – but today the tradition has a whole different meaning. A festival of fun, food and of course beer, Oktoberfest celebrations have become popular around the world, not just in their native Germany.

The UK in particular hosts a number of Oktoberfest events in the month of October. Many thousands of fun seekers gather in towns and cities across the country to enjoy the world’s most famous beer festival. Oktoberfest goers don’t just turn up and party, they dress the part too. Make sure you look your best for your upcoming Oktoberfest celebration by taking inspiration from the fancy dress outfit options below and following our top tips…

DO go traditional

Embracing the traditional outfits worn by German natives during Oktoberfest is always a must. We stock Oktoberfest costumes for men and Oktoberfest costumes for women so every festival goer can embrace the traditional side of the celebration. Featuring braces and lederhosen, the Oktoberfest look is one that you can certainly pull off.

Those looking to merge Oktoberfest celebrations with Halloween may also want to take a look at our zombie Bavarian costume.

DON’T forget the headwear

Your authentic Oktoberfest outfit wouldn’t be complete without the Bavarian hat. Both styles for men and for women sport fetching feathers, whilst the women’s Oktoberfest hat is also available in mini for an ultra-feminine look. We stock a selection of Bavarian inspired hats for men too so you can find the right headwear to complement your outfit.

DO see the funny side

From oversized Bavarian moustaches to beer barrel hats, embracing the lighter, funnier side of Oktoberfest is essential. Just add a huge tankard of beer and your outfit is complete!

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